Yes. We Are Getting a New Library. Yes!!

Library Victory

Last night I chugged a beer at the Dynamite Saloon on Mass. St., because we did it — the Lawrence Public Library is really really getting an $18 mil. renovation & expansion!  We’re finally getting things like kid-sized shelving in the children’s room, public meeting spaces, and a 300% increase in the number of public access computers.  I’m especially excited about the guy who will finally be able to watch his horror movies on YouTube without complaining that the computer monitor doesn’t work.

But really more than anything else, I’m so proud of my community for voting for this project even though the general political climate is one of extreme fiscal conservativism.  It really speaks to how much Lawrence values its public library and understands that it’s time to reinvest in and modernize an outdated structure that has ceased to adequately serve a growing demand.  Thanks Lawrence!!!


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