My New Job

Goldie Hawn in Foul Play

Today I officially started my new job as the Adult Programs Librarian at Lawrence Public Library!

I’ve gotten my feet wet these past few months by planning our Read Across Lawrence initiative and meeting with community partners for Civil War on the Western Frontier, as well as moderating a book talk or two, but today is the first day I’ve really been empowered to think about the future of programs at our library.  I’m excited to develop a long-term strategy and push the envelope of what public library programs can be.

This is a milestone for me in more ways than one — I’ve had my share of professional supervisory positions in another life, but this is my first full-fledged “librarian” job.  I’m feeling an odd swell of kinship with fake movie librarians like Goldie Hawn, Parker Posey, and Bat Girl.  Onward, librarians!


2 thoughts on “My New Job

    • Thanks, Amy! It’s in Lawrence, Kansas — so similar to Iowa City that it’s kind of eerie. The biggest difference is that winter is about 6 weeks shorter : )

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