I’m Throwing a Big Party

While all of you have been taking finals, graduating, planning weddings, weathering thunderstorms, etc., I’ve been busy planning a big ol’ party!  At the library, late May means one thing, and one thing only: school’s out, and Summer Reading’s in.

This year we’re dressing up Summer Reading a little more fancy for adults, and our patrons seem really excited about it.  Tomorrow’s party launches the adult side of Summer Reading, where we sneakily sign up unsuspecting partygoers for a summer of books and reading, their mouths too full of free desserts to protest.  I had lots of fun writing the blurb that we then slathered all over our promotional materials:

Lawrence Public Library is kicking off Adult Summer Reading with a mixed-media Final Fridays extravaganza, featuring art for your eyes, ears, brain and mouth: from the visual to the literary, the musical to the culinary.

This year’s travel-themed Adult Summer Reading program highlights popular media from around the world. Tour the globe one continent at a time as you mingle your way through this unique social exhibit, chatting with library tour guides about what’s hot in the international literary arts scene, viewing visual art objects from Mexico to Indonesia, and tasting sumptuous culinary arts crafted by Four and Twenty Blackbirds pastries.

Cathy Hamilton, Director of Downtown Lawrence, will headline the event with tales and photos from the international cruise she won from Food and Wine Magazine this spring. Free and open to the public.

Today as we were setting up, my colleague and work buddy put it most aptly when she said “I feel like I’m back in high school decorating for the prom.”  Who knew that being a librarian could feel a little bit like prom-committee?  Throw in a dash of books, movies, arts, and culture, and holy cow… that’s my job.

Have I mentioned how excited I am that Cathy Hamilton, aka Boomer Girl, is helping us get this party started?  Wish me luck tomorrow night, and come on down to the party!


2 thoughts on “I’m Throwing a Big Party

  1. Wish I could be there. The girls are looking forward to the summer reading program, maybe I should be as well. I have yet to join but we all read a lot. We will come down to join after the holiday.

    • We wish you could be there too! That’s great that everyone in the family likes to read. All you have to do for the adult program is read 5 books by mid-August, and I think we’ve got some pretty neat prizes and events planned all summer. Enjoy your holiday!!

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