A Year of Librarianship.

My job at the public library is fun, and sometimes hard, just like any job.  This March, I started a new position as my library’s Adult Programs Librarian, which has been rewarding, satisfying, challenging.  Sometimes I lose track of what’s up, exactly, and just how much we’ve all accomplished.  As my library school advisor would say, it’s because I’m working in “The Swamp” (does he think that’s supposed to make it better?).

But, here and now, on December 30, this is my chance to step back from the murky stuff right in front of my face, and look back to see just how far we’ve come.  We really have been up to some pretty neat stuff.


Authors Candice Millard, Charles Shields, Bill James, Stanley Lombardo, Tessa Gratton and Nancy Pearl all stopped by to speak at my library.  Maybe you met them.  They’re all amazing.


I threw a big library party with Cathy Hamilton (desserts!  European cruises!  tour guides!), and learned about the Manic Mouth Congress.


I wore my banana suit to a block party. Hearts of Darkness played hip hop, and babies danced with Yogi Bear.


I tried to help Lawrence win a $100,000 energy efficiency grant, and was taken down by Manhattan (KS)’s EcoKat.  I did win a $25,000 grant for my library from the Kansas Health Foundation.


I collaborated with Lawrence Magazine and Jason Barr to create a giant version of their John Brown Paper Doll and Disguise Kit.  We installed it in the front lobby of my library, and our community played giant paper dolls.


I hung out with Civil War buffs, and learned how to play Town Ball.


I wrote about some smutty books (here, here, and here!) and a steamy “Men of the Stacks” wall calendar.


I sat in on the studio audience for the world premiere of the Sexy Librarian Music Video.  Mike Anderson, you’re amazing, and you look a little like George Weasley.


I conspired to start a PBR Book Club for bookish hipsters.  We read smutty (literary) books there, too.


I read, reviewed and recommended sooo many good books!  Cloud Atlas, Suttree, Winter’s Bone, The Devil in the White City, The Hunger Games, Bossypants, Queen of Fashion, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake


Here’s to 2012.  I’m pretty excited about that one, too, considering we all survive the Mayan Apocalypse.  Meanwhile, I’m working on my Apocalypse Survival Kit.


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