What Would You Name Your Creative Lab?

Hacker Spaces

We’re renovating our library right now, and one of the most exciting new features will be a creative lab with fancy computer software, a soundproof recording studio, keyboards, videocameras, green screens, even a scanner / fax (how innovative!). This is extra exciting to me since creation in libraries is so near & dear to my heart.

I think my library director said it well when he told our newspaper that libraries can be creation hubs where we provide “precious and expensive resources” to help the people in our community grow vibrant local arts and businesses.   I’ve  long been a fan of Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia project and Skokie Public Library’s Digital Media Lab, and Barrington Library has a great media lab, too. (Hey, all these libraries are in Illinois!)

We’re envisioning this space as a combo artsy / techie / entrepreneurial space, and have been trying to strike just the right balance in our planning and especially in the name.  Today I trolled the internet looking for inspiration in Hackerspaces, which are known for often clever, sometimes terrible names.  I think I’m gravitating to “Collaboratory.”  I’m also morbidly attracted to “HackGyver,”  “Hammer Time” and “Curious Forge.” Check out some other examples after the jump!

What do you think would make a good name for a library creative lab? Continue reading