Eating Deer With Daniel Woodrell

Please excuse a little bit of a braggy post today:

Oh, what’s that?  You can’t quite make out what it says?  No, don’t be silly, of course I don’t mind: “To Rachel, Great to meet and eat deer together in Lawrence. Dl Woodrell.”

Just a few weeks ago, my library played host to the phenomenal Daniel Woodrell and his wife, author Katie Estill.  It was the end of a long, awesome month of Winter’s Bone-themed events for our “Read Across Lawrence” community read, including the Jessup Dolly Scavenger Hunt (plot spoiler: teams must bring home severed hands), Lawrence Book Night plus art installation, Grit Lit at Nerd NiteFilm Church, and many more.  And I love this transcript from my library’s first ever Twitter Book Chat.

Did I mention I ate deer with Daniel Woodrell?

What more can I say besides: it was amazing.  Intrepid event organizers gave away over 1500 books, and 2000 community members came to events and book clubs.  We collected over 300 food donations for a local food drive.  My library also worked with more than 15 amazing partner organizations, including a close collaboration with our university library.  A true group effort.

Afterwards, when all the dust had settled and the last copy of Winter’s Bone was but a distant memory, Aaron and I escaped for a reclusive week… in the Ozarks.  (I swear it wasn’t on purpose.)


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