Choose-Your-Own-Faulkner February

Remember that book club I started up with those jokesters over at The Larryville Chronicles about a year and half ago?  We’re still going strong!

William Faulkner with Pipe

This month we’re switching things up with a book by a dead white guy.  Make that ‘books’ plural.  If you live in NE Kansas and like book clubs that are charmingly disorganized and consume copious amounts of cheap beer, you might want to join us for our weirdest experiment yet: Choose-Your-Own-Faulkner February.

@Punnilingis left appropriately confusing instructions over on the PBR Book Club blog, but the gist is: pick any Faulkner book you want, and come prepared in about three weeks to dish about the highlights and declare your favorite sentence. A lot of us are reading “the trashy one.”  Also, if you believe Punnlingis (which you probably shouldn’t), Faulkner was the first to use the salty term “literary boner,” in reference to reading Ulysses on his honeymoon.

When are we meeting? We don’t know.  We don’t even know where.  Hopefully we’ll remember to tweet it out from our @pbrbookclub twitter account.  Fat chance anyone will remember to update the blog.


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