In Three Acts

Since I’ve been contributing to everyone else’s blogs lately, I thought you all deserved a little update, too.  Here it is, in three acts.  Happy birthday!

act i: what I’ve been reading

scene 1: Fifty Shades of Grey

This book really is as terrible as everyone says it is.  But I still loved reading it and would do it again; here’s why.  For the cynical take, you’ll have to check-in with twitter friends @knsstxs (“reading that book is my own red room of pain,”) and @theluckynun  (“I could write better one-handed reading with one hand tied behind my back & some gross dude spanking me.”)  I also enjoyed Chip’s ostentatiously lazy review.

scene 2: Love is a Mix Tape

Gawd, what a great piece of pop culture writing.  I heart Rob Sheffield, and this book made me cry like a baby, even though (or perhaps because) it was about Duran Duran and Missy Elliott.  I’m going to cheat by linking to my brand new review for Lawrence Public Library — this review isn’t officially published until tomorrow.  Doesn’t it feel exclusive?

scene 3: 2666

Roberto Bolaño is totally freaking me out, in that way that only the best writers know how.  I loved Savage Detectives, but 200 pages in and I’m already calling it: 2666 is Bolaño’s masterpiece.  I’m crawling along, reading just a few pages at a time, because it’s too much to take in.  This business with Amalfitano and the geometry textbook is KILLING me.

act ii: what I’ve been watching

scene 1: Game of Thrones

Baby dragons > frozen zombies.  Also Peter Dinklage.

scene 2: Mad Men

Ladies, a lot of meaty questions were raised in Mad Men season 5.  Whose plight would you rather: Joan, Peggy, Megan or Trudy?  Also, can we all just agree:  Lane’s scene with his brand new Jaguar — darkest piece of TV comedy EVER.

scene 3: Girls

Lena Dunham is my new god, and Neko Case agrees.  Is abortion really that big of a deal?  I already gushed about this new HBO show a lot over on Chip and Nog’s blog.  Have we discussed how much I love Zosia Mamet yet? (Yes.)

act iii: library events I’ve been eating my heart out over

scene 1: Lawn Games and Moustaches Party

See above!  It was so worth it to wake up at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning to dish out free pie and fake moustaches to the people of Lawrence, KS.  DJ Wake played a nice little set of psychedelic 70s tunes over by the popcorn machine, and little munchkins slogged it out for trophy cupcakes in our old-school cupcake walk.  Lesson learned: it’s not over for moustaches yet.

scene 2: Fractal Light Show

I’ll see you all here at Lawrence Library July 13th (7:00 pm sharp) for our Fractal Light Show with Albuquerque’s own Fractal Foundation!  Things I have already learned via our email correspondence: fractals are everywhere, especially in french bread and broccoli.  Come in the physiological state of your choice.  Featuring original music by Meat the Vegans.

scene 3: Civil War Fashion Show

Seriously, if you can throw me a bone here people.  What have I gotten myself into?  One way or another you will all be viewing period crinolines, hoops, and waistcoats on the catwalk on August 21st, styled with a 21st century flair.  Plus a great mix of vintage and modern music.  Promise.

Update: we’ve postponed the fashion show until the 2013 Quantrill’s Raid sesquicentennial year.  Apropos, no?


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