The New Man In My Life

Meet Max!  Max comes to us from the Lawrence Humane Society as of six days ago, and he’s already stolen both of our hearts. He’s 16 months old and an itty bitty 8 pounds.


Max is sweet, muscular, affectionate, and chatty with huge wideset yellow eyes, leaving no doubt in our minds that he’s a li’l Burmese kitty. Also, did you know that apparently it is super hard for shelters to get people to adopt black cats and dogs? WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to lots more exciting stuff coming up in the next few weeks — we’re moving into our new house, going to the 2013 US Air Guitar Championships Qualifier at the Record Bar, and I’m finally joining the ranks of Lawrence Nerd Nite Alumni with a June talk about — wait for it — KU Boobs. Will post more soon as the deets become available!


2 thoughts on “The New Man In My Life

  1. I haven’t yet attended a Nerd Nite, but upon hearing that you’ll be talking about this phenomenon that is KU Boobs, …well, is it creepy that I want to attend? Anyway, I’m intrigued and hope to be present for your talk! P.S. Max looks like a sweetie.

  2. Haha, nope, not creepy. I’m really excited about giving the talk and think it will be fun on a number of levels. Can’t wait to share the rest of the details!

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