Twitter Cheat Sheet

Totally psyched to have my Twitter Cheat Sheet ready to go for next week’s Library Technology Conference at Macalester College! So psyched, in fact, that I’m making it available to you, right here, right now. (Just click here for the pdf.)


Basic grammar:

@username = reply / mention
“@bananasuit Nice bananasuit!”

d username = direct (private) tweet
“d bananasuit Want to meet up and go bananasuit shopping?”

RT @username = retweet what someone else said
“RT @bananasuit 5% of Americans now own bananasuits”

#keyword = hashtag
“I think I’m ready to take the plunge and get a #bananasuit”

Handy Add-ons & Tools:

A very user-friendly interface for using Twitter (and other social media services) straight from your computer desktop
A wiki-style dictionary for Twitter
Shares your photos on Twitter
Translates phrases from one language to another using Twitter
Sends you Twitter updates when its time to water your plants
Generates a tag cloud to show you what you tweet about most often
Graphs your Twitter stats
Plots Tweets on a visual map of the earth
Shows you what links are being shared most often on Twitter


GET username = grabs the last tweets from a user
“GET bananasuit”

WHOIS username = a quick way of checking out a user
“WHOIS bananasuit”

FAV username = adds the last tweet by that user to your favorites
“FAV bananasuit”

FROM:username = to see the tweets that user has sent

TO:username = to see who has publicly sent that user tweets

“” = quotation marks will find an exact phrase match
“Har Mar Superstar”

OR = works just like the Boolean operators
“Har Mar Superstar” OR “Sean Tillman”

MINUS = use the minus / hyphen sign
“Har Mar” -Superstar

NEAR = filters your tweets by location
“Twins” near:55105

WITHIN = targets your search query by distance
“The Office” near:Minneapolis within:15mi
“The Office” near:London within:25km

SINCE / UNTIL = narrows results by date
Franken since:2009-07-07
Franken until:2009-07-07

FILTER:LINKS = unearths tweets with third party links
“Garrison Keillor” filter:links

For anything else, you can use Twitter’s advanced search form:
OR check out Twitter’s compilation of shortcuts:

(Yes, I’m on Twitter as @bananasuit!)

(click here to see more links for LibTech 2010)


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